What Officers Are Saying About Their Careers

With so many opportunities available, a career with KDPS is a different experience for each officer. While everyone has a different story that brought them to KDPS, all have a heart for service and a love for Kalamazoo and the people who live here. 


Maney #PSO, John.jpg“I came to the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety as a lateral transfer in 2022 after spending 6 years at a neighboring Police Department. My reasoning for making the transfer to KDPS was simple, I wanted to be part of an agency that is continuously attempting to make a positive change and impact for the community that we serve. Since I came to KDPS, I can personally say that the quality of training that is provided is something that all Police or Public Safety agencies need to provide so officers can continue to affect positive change. The experience that I have received at KDPS providing Police/ Fire/ EMS services prepares not only me but all of our PSO's for effectively engaging in our community and building trust."

- PSO John Maney II

Cabello #PSO, Jeffrey.jpg "Law Enforcement was not one of my career choices when I was growing up. As I changed positions within various companies in the Southwest Michigan area over 14 years, I could not advance, did not feel a sense of fulfillment, and did not feel what I did was rewarding. I made the decision to apply as a Public Safety Officer with KDPS and it was not taken lightly. I am very pleased with the amount of advancement opportunities available as well as the sense of fulfillment I have in being a Public Safety Officer with KDPS. I am extremely happy with my decision to switch my career to Law Enforcement and being with KDPS has been extremely rewarding."

- PSO Jeff Cabello

A photo of Officer Emily Weston and her father Dan.“My father worked at KDPS and retired from the department several years ago. When I began searching for a career, I knew from his career that KDPS would provide ample opportunities to allow career growth and development. Although there are numerous specialty units to choose from at the department, I had always wanted to work as a police canine handler. I am fortunate enough to be able to work for a K9 unit which has added to the services that I can provide to Kalamazoo. I have really enjoyed being able to work at KDPS and see firsthand the successes that come out of the work that you put in here.”

- PSO Emily Weston

Guilds #Captain, Danielle.jpg “Growing up in a service-oriented family, I knew that I wanted a career serving the community. After college, I gravitated towards KDPS because of the Public Safety concept which would allow me to serve in 3 different capacities (police, fire, and EMS). During my career, I have been able to serve in multiple specialty divisions and be promoted through the ranks. The work schedule has allowed me to balance being a full-time PSO and full-time mom/wife. Using the tuition assistance program offered through the City of Kalamazoo, I was also able to complete a Master’s Degree program at WMU while serving in my role at KDPS. KDPS has been a great department for me to call home.”

-Capt. Danielle Guilds

A portrait of Karen Rivard“I retired from KDPS after 25 years of service. My career at KDPS was replete with amazing experiences as I worked as a public safety officer, field training officer, narcotics investigator, violent crime task force member, and major crimes detective. The specialty unit opportunities are what sets KDPS apart from other area departments! Serving the Kalamazoo citizens, learning, and growing as a public safety professional afforded me immense career satisfaction and enhanced my ability to move into a leadership role as a Managing Public Safety educator in retirement.”

- KVCC Academy Director Karen Rivard (ret. KDPS)